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The Analysis of Being Selfish–Part 2

Paulo Coelho’s story about “The Circle of Joy” describes the way and mechanism of how life turns round and round but it does not describe the principle of why is it this way.
In my comment to this particular blog of his, I responded with my “Analysis of Being Selfish.” I got such a great amount of responses from his followers because of the controversy that my comment created, so many so, that I am obliged to write this article with the hope of clarifying my initial analysis.

Most of the responses confuse “Selfishness” with “Greed.” These are two very different subjects which are almost opposites.

Selfishness protects “The Self,” yourself, your most intimate and precious self, “Your Uniqueness.” On the other hand, greed builds a wall around you for protection, but at the same time this wall stops the light from coming in.

Greed also feels insecure no matter how much of it it has, and that is another reason for building more walls. The reason for this is because it is our emotions that fulfill each and every day for us.

Selfishness shares with other people, (but only with people of your own choice), and by sharing it gets back in one form or another (The Circle of Joy), in greater amount than what it has shared. That is the nature of the human race.

Yes, it is selfish to share because you get more this way.

And…it is okay to get more because then you can share more.

(By the way, “Altruism” is a fraud! I will have to write another article on that subject because there is a lot of confusion in there too.)

Selfishness also keeps itself healthy. The habit of questioning the influences that others have on you will uncover the false idols and charlatans almost immediately.

You also will look for other options before making a decision rather than accepting right away what you have been served, without having evaluated if it is good for you or not.

Selfishness feeds on its deeds. It knows that our mission in this life is to make our Maker proud of us and also to make ourselves proud of our uniqueness. It also knows that we will not be able to take with us any material thing from this world.

But it knows that our Soul will carry the memories of every aspect of our lives all the way to Heaven when we pass on.

Selfishness has an obligation to be strong physically, emotionally and spiritually to accumulate greater deeds. Also, it has an obligation to allow others to choose their path in their lives.

Yes, Selfishness allows and entices you to show all your colors, so then it can decide properly if it is beneficial or not to spend time and energy with you.

Greed, in contrast, builds a world around you by wanting only for yourself, without concern for the other person. That is not sharing, that is me, me, me, myself only…

This will bring a future of doubts (not trusting anybody), lack of respect for other folks, and the most devastating emotion of all “Loneliness.”

Yes, Greed builds on quicksand and, eventually, the building collapses.

After I read the responses I asked myself, “Why is there, in the world, so much confusion?”

Then the answer came quickly to my mind. “When the Webster dictionary describes wrongly, this word, it is no wonder most people are going to get the wrong information.”

Then another question came to my mind. “Why do people believe information which conflicts with their emotions?”

Then the answer came to my mind and I laughed, “Because…folks aren’t selfish! And people are not selfish because they follow wrong information! And they follow wrong information because they are not selfish!…on and on…

Should I call this “The Circle of Frustration”?

It amazes me that our God left clues all over for us to get proper direction and most folks stubbornly refuse to see them, and instead pick up stuff which does nothing for them, and most often damages their future.

Would the reason be because we are all masochist at hearts and it is up to us to conquer this evil?

Yes, I need your comments… and please be open and bold.




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2 Responses to The Analysis of Being Selfish–Part 2

  1. Elaine April 23, 2012 at 11:28 am #

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  2. Vincent Sylvan April 24, 2012 at 9:28 pm #

    Thank you Elaine for your appreciation,  
    Fame is a mistress that is very demanding and that is not how I measure my reward.
    would like to have your questions as you read these blogs. Consider this to be the price of the admission.

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