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Rejection Helps You

In a previous blog I wrote, “Rejection is an illusion created by the emotional weakness of the individual, and that weakness is there because he/she doesn’t think enough of himself/herself.”

The best way to get to the level of feeling this way (and making your emotions strong) is by means of practicing “The Umbrella” theory.

I was wondering why so many people were going through my site, and only few comments were left there for me, and other people to read. Then one of my followers left me a comment that said, “I do not usually leave comments, but your blog impressed me so much that I couldn’t resist stopping a moment to say thank you.”

After this comment I was really curious to know the real reason why people did not usually leave comments on sites. In my investigation I went to other authors' sites and read their blogs and their comments.

One particular author had a blog talking about S.O.P.A. The author was critical of the governments for wanting to police the Internet. To back up his statement he indicated that pirating literature was not such a bad thing, since pirating was, in his opinion, another way of marketing and we (the authors) should welcome it.

I, of course, disagree with him and indicated that pirating is thievery and he was totally wrong about supporting the pirates. My comments were not welcomed, and therefore not approved; furthermore, he blocked me completely.

This will not happen on my site. I want you to express yourself and help me to keep on the right track. In turn, I will do my best to keep this site as interesting as I can.

Rejection does not affect me because I have my ‘Umbrella’ working and protecting my emotions all the time. I like to emphasize how important is to protect your emotions; this is one of the first steps on the road to your dreams. (I do not know any Winner that does not have his/her emotions well protected.)

Winners do not acknowledge rejection; to them this is an exercise on the road to their goals….on their road to better their greatness.



P.S. Dear readers I like to get your questions. Consider this to be the price of admission.

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