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This blog was triggered by a comment of one of my followers, he/she (I don’t know) wrote, “I can see that you are genuinely passionate about this!”

My answer was, “Can you call it Life unless passion is attached to you?”

Yes, it is passion what makes the difference in anything we do in our lives and
it is also passion what most people wish to have, but,

  • How do you bring passion to your life?
  • How do you make yourself eager to get up every morning to continue the projects or things that you could not finish the previous day?
  • How do you get to a state of thanking your Maker for being alive?

Passion is part of us. Our Maker created us this way; then, it is obvious we should try hard to awaken our passion in our lives.

Most folks think that passion comes through love and romance only, but they stop at thinking on how the love and romance is to be created in the first place.

I have been talking about Soulmates for some time, and although my messages are appreciated by some folks, this subject is kind of new for most people and does not really penetrate their minds.

To these folks I say, “You simply have to pay more attention!”

(I give you the answers for free and they should be appreciated. In return I want your comments, good or bad, I want them all. This way I get inspired and keep on writing for you. In turn, you enjoy what I have to say and everybody is happy. Isn’t this a wonderful way to live? Then, please write your comments. I know you have something to say and writing is good for you.)

How do you get passion?

  1. Find your Soulmate. This is of most importance. You carry only half of your soul and your Soulmate carries the other half; therefore, without your Soulmate you are only functioning to half of your potential, and that potential may be covered by layers of dust. Remember, your Soulmate is also the most efficient duster for you.
  2. Feed each other through romance. The little things that have meaning and you share are the ones that indicate how perfect you are for each other. This builds confidence and the mind expands, allowing your greatness to surface.
  3. Protect yourself by practicing ‘The Umbrella.’ We are bombarded by negative thinking constantly and this blocks our confidence. You need ‘The Umbrella’ to protect your emotions, then your emotions are clean and healthy, and just like 'the caterpillar and the butterfly,' they transform into passion.
  4. Concentrate on your dreams. If your dreams are blurred through the years of conventional thinking, go back to the memories of your childhood, go back to your roots, there was a reason you were born in that place, to your own parents, to your country, to your environment. Your dreams were born then for a reason.
  5. Be selfish…my version of selfish. My version shares with people of the Same Kind. It is important to distinguish the difference between people of same kind and not just anybody. You are not doing any good giving to people that do not respond to your gift, because they do not give back, or they do not improve themselves; these are not people of the same kind.
  6. Be yourself, the real you, the one that you are proud of being, the authentic self still is there inside of you, maybe covered by layers of unfulfilled emotions, but it is still there nonetheless.
  7. Be bold and courageous. Have faith in yourself and in your potentials. Jump into the arena and take action. What good is it to live without passion? “Give me liberty or give me death!” Do you remember this famous phrase? In the same vein I say, “Give me passion or I am not interested!”

This is how things happen, by taking action towards achieving your dreams and jumping all the hurdles that come your way. By knowing that hurdles are part of life, but you made a decision that they are not to be part of your life; therefore, you jump them or go around them, but you do not make an issue of them. They are just pebbles in the road to your destiny.

Wishful thinking is an illusion; please do not fall in that trap. The way to go is, ‘plan and execution.’

Vincent Sylvan

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