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On Altruism

Dear Heart,


Thank you for your comment. After reading it, I am guessing you must be an Air sign, probably Gemini. As you can see on my page I am a metaphysical author trying to understand the meaning of life and the relationships among us humans. I am amazed how much confusion there is in the world. I had no clue. My theory on “Selfishness” is creating much controversy, to the point that a well-educated woman like yourself is still evaluating altruism as a good thing.


Obviously, you do not agree either with the author Ayn Rand. She spent all her life fighting altruism since the 1930’s. That was when she came to America from Russia, also describing her reasons for doing so. Altruism kills the spirit and creates welfare; the vision of the individual gets blurred and the ambition disappears, leaving an empty shell that moves in the direction of the stronger wind. Normally, because it is an empty shell, it takes refuge in one religion or another and feeds itself from the energy of others.  


Is it charitable to feed this kind of life?  I do not think so! What reward and exchange would we get from it? None of value; only misery. Would this (wrongly called) charity fix the problem?


I'm sorry, but I do not care how many titles you have. In my humble opinion, I think you are wrong on many points; especially the one about giving your life. Your life is not yours to give. Your life was given to you by our Maker and only He/She can take it away. Our mission should be to accumulate greatness and share it with the world, for the pleasure of our Creator and for our own satisfaction.                                    


Is the Catholic religion against that? Last time that I looked it did not. My humble opinion: “You put too much thought on faith and not enough thought on reality.”


Don’t you want to give God the best that you can be?





P.s. Your comments are most appreciated.



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