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I Believe in Love

Most people these days have stopped believing in love, the reasons being are:

1. They have gone through one or several relationships that brought emotional hurt to them.

2. Others see broken marriages all around them and that reaffirms their belief that love is a fairy tale.

3. Then there are the ones that allow their sex drive to convince their brain that Love is an excuse to get their prey to the bedroom.

4. There are also the cowards that will not risk anything to disturb the waters of their dull and boring life.

There are many more fashions of non-believers and their reasoning will be interesting to read, and to some justifiable, but in my humble opinion they are all wrong. I do not care how big the numbers of the non-believers are. I still think they are all wrong. Let me repeat this–wrong, wrong, wrong….

Love does exist!

The problem is that this has to be understood, this is what I think:

1. Love is part of us; it is in our mind and activates the sex drive.

2. We could not be civilized without love.

3. Without giving priority to our love, the other emotions, (like lust, hate, passion, etc.) go out of control and that is why our wishes are not accomplished.

4. Most people have the wrong concept of “What is our mission in this life?” Therefore, their expectations are unattainable, and when this happens they quickly try to find a scapegoat.

Yes, I believe in love and I am proud of it. Also my life is full of wonders and that is another reason to believe in love. But the most important reason of them all (there are too many to mention in this blog) is that I love a woman who loves me with the silent passion that uncovers all the mystery and wonders that are in this life for us to enjoy. Yes, she is none other than my Soulmate.

As you find yours, you will really come to understand what it is that I am talking about.


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