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My blog page gets a regular amount of comments every day, but in my opinion the amount is small. My Soulmate is more knowledgeable than I am in this subject and she says to me, “Vincent, you should be happy of the comments you get; normally people look but don’t bother to write comments.”
Then I received this comment on the blog entitled, "Let us have purpose."

Here it is: “Awesome and an highly interesting post to stumble at on this massive website! Never write replies, only now I could not resist .”

This comment is very interesting, I thought. The blog awakened the emotions of the reader and prompted him to write even when he seldom had written before.

I was pleased (to say the least), and after my analysis, here is what I have to say:
Please write your comments when you read a blog that you like; it is like leaving your footprints in the sand of life for others to see.
It is also good for your mind, because as you write your comment you register the thought deeper in your mind. That is how you train yourself and get in the habit of responding to the things that give you pleasure.

This exercise is an example in the way to create your "Umbrella" (The protector of your emotions).

What you do not appreciate too much, or dislike, you simply look at it and move on; but, when you like something or someone you should take a moment to know more, to write on it, to investigate, to leave your footprints. This way, your mind will register your action, and it will get into the habit of making you aware of it in future occasions.
Remember, you do not progress by simply wishing for it, but by training yourself and acquiring knowledge that gets you to your destiny, to the fulfillment of your dreams.
Do you agree with this analysis?
Do you understand the meaning of the ‘Umbrella’ and its importance?
Are you ready to fly like an eagle?

Vincent Sylvan

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