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In my blog ‘Let us have purpose’ one of my followers left this comment,
“You have touched some fastidious points here. Anyway keep up the writing.”

I really appreciate all the comments I can get, either positive or negative. The comment indicated to me that my blogs are appreciated by some folks, and that pleases me, that is my reward.

However fastidious or particular my blogs are, they are good for you. The blogs make you stop and think on meaningful philosophy to better yourself, and since there is so much negativity in the airways, it is my opinion that you need to protect yourself much more than what you think. Your Soulmate, your “Umbrella,” and the information that I have in my books, make you more strong emotionally, and this information is a must for you to prosper and reach your dreams.

Yes, the points on my writing may be fastidious, critical, demanding or excessively particular, but if they help you in your everyday life, then ‘common sense’ indicates to keep coming back for more.    

By the way,
Do you have your Umbrella working? (The protector of your emotions.)
Do you have your search for your Soulmate going on?
Do you believe your Opposite is not for marriage?

Please feed this blogger with your comments. It is only fair to exchange with each other.

Vincent Sylvan
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