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Beauty–How Do You Measure It?

Beauty is an elusive mistress who enjoys fooling men and women alike, but especially men. Some say, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” But we in general do not believe in this statement, that is why the cosmetics, the fitness, the clothing, etc…Industries make so much money trying to enhance this illusive belief in human beings.

But I ask, how do you measure beauty?

Isn’t beauty an elusive mistress who keeps changing its shape every single minute of our lives?

Isn’t that why women spend so many hours behind the mirror?

Is beauty still present even when we get older and wrinkles appear in our face?

Do we appreciate the beauty of younger generations at our older age more than our own? Or is it an illusion from an unsatisfied person who can’t find true happiness in life?

Shouldn’t we concentrate on complementing our own Natures to bring peace, happiness and a meaningful existence?

And…if we complement ourselves…don’t you think you will be able to identify the beauty in the people and the surroundings of your world?

Yes! This is a better way to see and harness the beauty that surrounds you.

No more mirages in your road disappearing with your touch as a result of being an illusion created by your own unsatisfied need.

Beauty in a young body is usually lacking the knowledge and understanding to create the melody which brings out the “Duende” in you.

Yes!  Duende brings along the dearest beauty which anybody may wish.

It is that beauty which is best identified by allowing your Soul to see beyond material creations only. The soul sees your aura and indentifies its vibrations to best feed yourself from the beauty that constantly surrounds you.

That is…..unless you take wrong directions and bad roads. In that case, you will cloud your vision and your aura will be cloudy and foggy, and your “Duende” will decide to stay home and not bother to surface and fill your life with happiness.

You then will seek cosmetics for makeup, and hating every beautiful line in your face.

No, we can’t measure beauty because it is a changing phenomenon, but we can measure happiness which is the Goddess who rules the changes of beauty.

You may disagree with me in this but, there are multitudes of examples which support my analysis;

  • A rich older man marries a young woman twenty or more years younger and after some short months, although her figure and face still are almost same as in the wedding day, he gets bored with her and does not see the beauty anymore.
  • What happened there?
  • What happened to the beauty?
  • Was it all the time a mirage that faded in the wind?
  • An illusion with no body or foundation?

Here is another example;

  • A couple has met each other at an early age 17 to 22 and then they (without testing the waters with other people) decided to get married. They were beautiful to each other but…as the years started going by, the beauty they initially saw in each other starts to fade away, bringing the winds of divorce to infiltrate their lives.
  • Is it because their bodies (which are still young and with perfect shape) are getting ugly?
  • Why does the beauty disappear between them?
  • According to the progress of our human race we are getting better in technology, transportation, medicine, communication, etc…Why then we do not get better with improving beauty, happiness and relationships?
  • Why do we seem to be going backwards compared with our parents and grandparents?

The answer is because…Yes! We are going backwards in that subject!

Obviously the lessons are not here. The knowledge may be here but…there are no teachers in sight to clarify and give direction, to find this very important connection with the right partner, to bring our “Duende” to sing and dance showing us the road to Paradise.

Vincent Sylvan

P.S.  Please be brave and give your comments. I need to learn from you too.



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  1. Etsuko Racer April 11, 2012 at 9:10 pm #

    HayHay, this is excellent stuff , Im glad I discovered this weblog cuz i was surfing for some thing like this given that last weekend. great seeking!!

  2. Catrina April 11, 2012 at 10:06 pm #

    thank you so much for your dedication, it makes us readers come to your website everyday.

  3. Vincent Sylvan April 14, 2012 at 10:58 am #

    Thank you guys for your appreciation.

  4. Mohammad April 25, 2012 at 8:13 pm #

    Found your blog post through Digg. You already know I will be subscribing to your rss.

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