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Woman Alone

Single woman had always appeared to me like a flower without a gardener to protect and nourish her. It was never clear in my mind why that image came to me. I could see how I associate women to flowers, but the absence of the gardener–I did not understand. Then, one day I wrote the article about the creation of man (first) and woman (after).

In that article, I followed the knowledge that we all know about the creation of the human race (God had created man from a pile of dust, mixing it with water and shaping him to his own image, them God blew his breath on it and man came to life. After that, God realized the unit was not completed, so he created woman).

All sorts of questions came to me after that;

  • If woman needed to be created to complete the unit, then does the unit requires both man and woman to interact constantly with each other?
  • Since woman was created to keep man in balance, will that mean that woman has a greater obligation to hunt him to complete the unit than man has to hunt her?
  • Then, why do women pleasantly wait for men to approach them?
  • Also, since women have a clock that when the time comes it pushes them to have to give birth to a baby, isn’t this and indication also that they should hunt men for that purpose only, if not for anything else?
  • Then, once again, why do women pleasantly wait for men to approach them?
  • Yes indeed, why do women pleasantly wait for men to approach them?

After much thinking on this point I came to the conclusion that the women were waiting because they were afraid of rejection. This rejection was motivated by the following;

  • Fear of getting their emotions  bruised.
  • Fear of getting bored to tears.
  • Fear of having to kiss many frogs in order to maybe find a prince.
  • Fear of the unknown, (which kind of man etc..)
  • Fear of getting the same thing as in their past.
  • Doubts that their One-and-Only exists.

So it is that many women remain single.

But, there is a better way. There is a way to hunt your man without the dangers mentioned above. This way is via the Internet.

The internet is a place…

  • Where you can be anonymous.
  • Where you can show your intellectual colors and find out the colors of men without having to see their face or hear their voice.
  • Where you can be the real you without caring if others like you or not. Yes, that is right! You should not care too much about others; you will start caring about the men that you enjoy through your writings only.

This is the fastest way, the more secure, the most enjoyable, the most fun way…

to stop being alone.


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