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The Real Reason We Love


Why do we love?
We love because it makes us happy to do so. 

It is not to make the other person happy, but to make ourselves happy.

Yes, we may find our love making other people happy, and we may think our action creates love in us, but the reality is that when we help others unselfishly it is because we have an insecurity complex which requires the approval and appreciation of the party being helped.

This indicates that we, subconsciously, were selfish to seek that approval to feed our need of insecurity. If you do not believe this, then try to feed a dog that will bite you as a reward for giving him your food; then tell me how long your love for this dog is going to last.

Selfishness is good.

Selfishness is necessary to keep a healthy mind.

Selfishness seeks reward in exchange, and that is the healthiest way to trade.

Greed on the other hand is wrong and destructive, because it is one way only and the individual does not care for the other person.

Yes, love has always selfishness attached to it in one form or another; if not, it is not love but a passing fancy which will collapses as the north winds reach its shores.

We all must fight to regain our natural instincts, to keep healthy physically, mentally and spiritually, and when we accomplish those three we will conquer the other two as well.


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