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The Giant Difficulty

In the previous story, Vincent and Victoria found a giant who was sleep and managed to awake him through a display of love. The big fellow was very happy and had many questions. After negotiating with Vincent and Victoria, their knowledge to find love in exchange for as many rides around the world from him, they did strike a good deal.

Our couple, after their last trip to India, was resting in a cottage in Andorra; this was an autonomous principality near Cataluña, Spain, (the province of Vincent’s birth).

One morning, the giant came to visit. (Vincent has come up with a name for him; he called him “Veloz” meaning "The Fast One."

Veloz was a little sad.

“What is the matter, Veloz?”

“I can’t find her,” he responded. “I look and look, but I keep finding the women I do not like. I should be able to find her more easily than you did, Vincent, since I can fly and cover more territory that you ever could.”

“Yes, but did you stop to think she is fast too? She may be looking and searching, and you are not able to connect.”

“What to do, Vincent?”

“Did you try the Internet like I told you?”

“No, I didn’t. I thought it would be much faster to spot her from the air, but every time I think I find one that looks like what I have in mind, it turns out she is not the one.”

“Veloz, you are not following mi teachings. You have to find her through her intellect, and the fastest way is to use the Internet.

"Like I said before, first you find the sign, then you screen her for passion and romance, and when she matches all that, then you take her for a dance.

"No guessing. No 'maybe' or 'perhaps.' Concentrate on sure things and know she may carry a little dust. Just because you are a giant it does not mean you should depend on luck.”

“You are right, Vincent. I should have listened to you in the first place. I am bigger than you, but your knowledge brings better results. I will try again, and this time I hope to get some results. Do you need another ride soon? I feel I owe you.”

“Veloz, there is no debt when we share. We will call on you when the time comes.”

Off he went flying, certain his Soulmate was somewhere near his reach.




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