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My Life, My Journey

It was like yesterday that my goals were highly defined:

  • Get a good job to feed my dreams.
  • Get a good education.
  • Get money and be rich.
  • Get a woman to love me and keep me happy and alive.
  • Marry and have children and have a family.
  • Take vacations to exotic lands.
  • Save a good nest egg for retirement.
  • Live happily ever after with my Soul Mate.

On and on my goals were defined with the focus on reaching the end.

With the focus on the reward at the end of the journey.

With the hope of being recognized by my peers.

All this I did motivated by the results of tomorrow, the pay off in the days ahead into my future, and the satisfaction of other people’s recognition.

In short, I did it for other people’s sake.

It was my tribal mentality speaking loudly, convincing me that was the best way to live and get results to bring me closer to my Maker.

But, I was wrong!

I was wrong, not on the goals, but on the focus, on the purpose, on the rewards.

Life is not about the reward at the end of the goal!

Or about the reward at the end of the journey!

Life is about the journey itself. Life is about being selfish and savoring every moment of our lives. Life is about NOW.

About this moment as you read my thoughts.

Later on, if you are cooking supper, your life is about those moments when you are creating food for yourself or your folks. Life is about this instant; and because your focus is in this moment you are able to savor all the ingredients this moment is serving you.

Life, Ladies and Gentlemen, is about the Journey–those precious moments which our journeys create and we so unwisely disregard as unimportant.

Life is about now and everything that surrounds this moment in time.

Vincent Sylvan



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2 Responses to My Life, My Journey

  1. Joona April 16, 2012 at 2:03 pm #

    your post is so valuable for me, it will help in lots of ways.

  2. Vincent Sylvan April 17, 2012 at 10:45 pm #

    Thank you Joona, glad I can be of some help.

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