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My Formula and Stubbornness

For all of you reading this blog that do not know me, I'd like to inform you of the following:

For over 20 years I have been researching relationships among couples. I also study their astrological signs in relation to each other. Finally, and because my “better half” influenced me, I came up with a formula which indicates to each sign where to concentrate their efforts to get the best results.

I tell people I meet which sign is best for them, and most of them do not pay much attention to me.

You may ask, why not?

I have been studying this and my results have brought me more questions, such as:

  • Do people enjoy pain?
  • If pain is not attached to the message, then people do not pay attention to it?
  • Do I have to present the scenario of guilt with my message in order for people to listen, just like so many religions do?
  • Are people’s egos too hard to overcome?
  • Why don’t they at least try it to see if I am correct?
  • Do they want to invent the wheel themselves?
  • After realizing the hurt of the divorce epidemic, why people do not look for alternative ways to find their true love?
  • Do I have to become famous first for people to listen?

But after I am famous the message still will be the same…


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