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Money or Happiness?

Early this morning I woke up (or at least that was what I thought), having a thought in my mind. This thought was insistent and determined, like a kid pushing his father to buy him a new toy.

To tell you the truth, I am not certain if it was a wishful thought after awakening, or if I was still dreaming, anyway, here it is; I dreamt I had some big publisher’s people approaching me to make me an offer of money in exchange for my book, Find Your Soulmate Through Astrology and the movies rights of Letters to Victoria and its sequels.

I asked them how much they were willing to pay me. They answered, “One-hundred K.”

I then responded, “For one or for both?”

They said, “For both.”

This was very strange to me because I do not think of me as being famous, and since it sounded more and more like I was dreaming, I decided to ride with it. I asked the publishers, “Is this all you are authorized to give me?”

They responded “How much do you want?”  

I responded, “Ten-million dollars” (I thought I could always come down).

They did not seem insulted or upset in any way, instead they responded, “Will you be happy with that amount of money?” Here I had to think, I better use my gray matter, these guys look serious! Then I said to them, “What do I have to do for it?”

They responded;

  • You have to market yourself as an author by going around the country on a book tour, doing signings at book stores.
  • You have to give speeches at singles clubs about your book, and any other events we consider pertinent to marketing.
  • On your movies, you will have to coordinate with the actors to instruct them as to how best pass your message of love and relationships.
  • You also will have to argue your points with the producers of the movies and the script writers, since they have very different views about making a picture than authors have.
  • You will have to be at our disposal for the next seven years, and any personal plans that you may have during this time have to meet with our requirements and be approved by us.

“Then I can have the ten-million?” I asked.

They answered, “Yes.”

Wow! After listening to all this I realized I was really dreaming. No way these guys would be in my presence if I was really awake. What nonsense!

"I am supposed to sacrifice myself for money? What about being happy, but poor? No, no way! You can take it! I will lose my freedom, I will have to argue with others, I will have to stay in hotels and meet with strangers, no I won’t, I won’t…"

And then I woke up and told my wife the whole story including my refusal.

She answered, “Yes Vincent. If you didn’t take the money, it was a dream.”


Vincent Sylvan



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2 Responses to Money or Happiness?

  1. Adina April 12, 2012 at 8:12 am #

    you’re blog is so well organized, congratulations.

  2. Vincent Sylvan April 14, 2012 at 11:26 am #

    Thank you Adina

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