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Why Marriage?

This blog is born after listening to a famous author and speaker on YouTube. I was so shocked listening to him that I had to go to Google and find out who he was

Anyway, I do not consider him important. What I consider important is the following;

  • Realizing how wrong this man was.
  • How well justified his false ideas were.
  • How well educated people can mess you up if you do not pay attention to the message and compare it with the reality of life.

Some of his beliefs were;

  • The purpose of marriage is not to seal the love between two people in love, but to create a covenant which will make it difficult for either party to walk away.
  • This covenant was more important than the passion of the romance between the lovers.
  • The essence of marriage is not to love each other, but the promise that you made to each other at the time of marriage.
  • You should not expect to be in love for very long (three months was a long time), because the two of you are different and the differences can’t complement each other.
  • Marriage will bring out the worst in you.
  • You will change when you get married.
  • People that are not married and living together are scared of commitment. He also called this relationship a “consumer relationship,” because you can walk away at any time.

He also compared marriage to the fable of Ulysses traveling though the area where the muses were making the sailors crazy to wreck their ships, and Ulysses tied himself to the mast of the ship to experience the pain and madness of the songs.

I guess woman is the muse and man is Ulysses. Woman making the man mad and he having to stay away from woman to regain his sanity.

After many more idiotic statements, too long to mention here, he concluded that his was the Christian view of marriage.

I have to say to people like him, it is no wonder that our spiritual beliefs are eroding when we have to listen this kind of philosophy.

Here is what I believe;

  • A piece of paper (marriage certificate) will not stop people from divorce.
  • Marriage is not an exercise to find out how much pain one can endure.
  • Couples can be in love indefinitely when they are properly connected.
  • People do not change when they get married; their figure and shape may change through time but not their character and nature.
  • People that are living together and not married are not cowards, usually the man needs reassurance he won’t lose his independence and freedom. Women have to take care of that, but when you are properly connected this thinking does not exist.

The basis for his theory was based on interviews of married people; two out of three said they did not love their spouses but they kept married because of the marriage certificate or The Covenant.

I say, people answer this way because, by being married to the wrong person, they lost their youth, ambitions, and beliefs that a comparable partner exists…and the hope of a happy life in their future with another person.

I can see how much work is ahead of me trying to upset all the wrong beliefs that have been accumulated in people’s minds on this subject over the years. But I have several warriors fighting on my side. They are;

  • Your love.
  • Your passion.
  • Your integrity.
  • Your commitment.
  • Your Soul… It too, knows I am right!


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