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Where is My Source?

I have been blogging for some time and the overall responses have been great.

“Great blog,” “Excellent read,” “Wonderful blog,” et cetera, et cetera…

Those were some of the appreciative comments that kind people left on my site. But I was struck by a man that said, “I like your blogs very much. I have been looking on the Internet to find where you get your material and I can’t find it. I would like to find the place or source too, thank you.”

He likes to find the source or place? I am glad to tell you all.

“The source is me, and the place is my mind.”

I will further tell you how I got my mind operating the way it does. However, I am going to repeat myself hoping you finally will get the message; here it is:  Our minds have all the ingredients to be great, the reason the mind does not reach its potential is because it is constantly blocked by one thing or another.

Would you be able to catch a baseball if you had your hands tied behind your back? No? That is exactly what I am talking about. But I am not one of those intellectuals that indicates the symptom and does nothing to cure the problem. No, I have been giving you instructions as to how to be free of negative thought so your mind can develop as it meant to be.

So, if you truly want to be great, stop listening to people that are not great or do anything for you and concentrate on people who help you to be great and make you happy. Have faith in yourself and the power of your mind–it is that simple.

Get “Find Your Soulmate Through Astrology.” Get your “Umbrella” (your antivirus) working, and welcome “Your Greatness” with open arms. It is that simple.


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