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The Secret–My Opinion

Most of you probably have heard about a book by the name of The Secret, (It sounds so mysterious and exclusive.) The authors also have created a movie and audio cd's; anyway, they have done a good job on marketing and sold millions of copies.

The reason I mention this is because I have not seen anybody transforming his or her life after reading this secret, yours truly included. Although I believe there is some truth in that book, the authors (several of them) fail to teach the readers how to transform their lives for the better. The main point in their message is, “Believe you can get xyz and you will become or have xyz."

They forgot to account for the negative information at which we are exposed to every day, or the negative information which is part of our beliefs from years of been exposed without protection. It is no wonder why their information does not bring the desired results most of the time. It is like saying “keep dry” when you are walking in the rain without protection, or make sure your computer works without being protected with an antivirus program. Or fly to the Moon with shear will power.

I, on the contrary, describe to you in my books (and in some of my blogs) how the mechanism of the mind works without the fanfare of advertising. i.e., Before you get a new love you have to compartmentalize the old one so you can have the space of your emotions clean and empty to be able to be occupied by a new love. Does it make good sense?
Or, having an ‘Umbrella’ for protecting your emotions so your brain will follow your principals and ideas rather than being influenced by negative advertising, (see what happened in Iowa in the primaries.)

The greatest secret that exists in the world is for you to find your Soulmate. He or she will protect you from the negative, hence ‘the Umbrella’ of protection. Your Soulmate will keep you focused on your dreams, (you do not have to wish them), with your Soulmate you do not have to learn secrets. He/she will uncover them from the depth of your mind.

Do you believe what I am writing?
Are you serious about your future?
Let me know, I am truly interested.


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