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The Importance of The Umbrella

Reading my blogs may have made you aware by now of the importance of being protected by your ‘Umbrella.’ On the other hand, you may think you do not need this tool because you can protect yourself from the negative bombardment that that you receive every minute of your life. The truth is that negative bombardment will influence you when it goes through your defenses.

A good example of this is clearly seen in current the Republican Primary. One candidate was ahead of the pack by a margin of 7% from the next candidate, and after he received a mayor bombardment of negative ads, he ended up being number four. He also received half the votes that the guy placing the ads got.

Well, is this clear enough for you? In the course of two weeks a candidate goes from a clear winner to fourth place, and all because of the negative ads. 

Do you think you do not need the Umbrella? Do you think all those voters had their Umbrella in place when the advertising changed their minds in the course of two weeks? Do you think the integrity of those voters won’t suffer as they become aware they have been played like a violin? Do you think their dreams won’t suffer and get buried further as their integrity diminishes?

It is not a coincidence or bad luck that you are where you are; it is the consequence of your actions which have been influenced by your beliefs that are active and healthy.

"You are what you believe you are." We all have heard that phrase a million times, BUT:

  • How do you screen your beliefs?
  • How do you allow only the good ones in your mind and let the bad ones bounce back into the world away from you?
  • How do you know which ones are good and which ones are bad? 

Get the Umbrella working for you. Protect yourself to keep the integrity of your dreams alive. Be selfish (my version of selfish) and true to your Maker. It is your duty.


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