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Philosophy of Love

I watched a video about a French philosopher who was asked to explain the philosophy of love. I thought with him being French it would be very interesting to listen to him. I was wrong. He had not much to philosophize on the subject as all he could talk about was 'who to love' or 'what to love,' but nothing about the core of this subject, which is ‘why to love.’

Yes, this is the main philosophical question: "Why do we love?"

Here is my version; 

We love because we have been created this way. We have emotions which need to be satisfied, fed, nourished, and understood. We love because we require the interaction of other human beings in our lives. We were not created to be by ourselves and alone. We love at many levels and in many forms, and the level of insecurity in ourselves will determine the level of our love and with whom we are comfortable interacting with.

In other words;

  • Love and self-confidence go hand in hand.
  • Love and self-growth go hand in hand.
  • Love and happiness go together.
  • Love and understanding are brothers in arms.

The philosophy of love is a vast subject and very important to your life. Just think of yourself as a car with a driver in it.

  • When the pistons do not fire well the motor makes ugly noises. (When you are not healthy you get headache or have low energy.)
  • When it is raining the driver protects himself by rising up the windows. (When it is raining in a negative environment around you, do you have your umbrella up?)
  • When the driver doesn’t know where he is going he stops the car to get directions. (Do you know where you are going? Do you stop, pray, and think to get directions?)
  • When the traffic stops, drivers look for an alternative road. (When your life loses purpose, do you look for an alternative passion?)

As you relate to the solutions we find everyday in common events, you will realize that we are made perfect. Yes, we have been told we were created in God’s image; therefore, perfect.

So, why don’t we gain more understanding and a better life? Answer: “We keep sabotaging our potential.” We do that because we are bombarded, constantly, by negative thought and we do not have our umbrella up for protection. How long do you think your computer would last working properly if you did not have an antivirus program on it? Can you imagine it?

All this info is in Find Your Soulmate Through Astrology. This book will protect you, so you can be the real you. Aren’t you sick and tired of being someone else? Do you love yourself? Do you remember your dreams?

Please, become passionate and prosper. It is a wonderful life.


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