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On Eleven Minutes

In my search to find out what the public likes to read, I came across a report dated the 15th of March 2010. On that report, the number one best seller in English books was “Eleven Minutes,” by the author Paulo Coelho. I quickly downloaded this book to my Kindle to see the merits of the book.

The author had written this book in 2003. The title refers to the main character, Maria, who is a prostitute and what she discovers about the sexual act. It takes her eleven minutes on average to complete it, and she gets three-hundred and fifty dollars for it.

I just did not understand what was so significant in this book to attract such an audience…then I started to read the reviews. Here are some of them;

  • An exploration of sex, love and desire, by Kathie book worm.
  • A holy quest through sex, by School Teacher
  • Powerful story, by Loves Books
  • Thought provoking, by Dr. Gunta M. Caldwell (Australia)

Anyway, there were other reviews but I got too bored to read the nonsense that some people dish into our world and I read no more.

A prostitute is now giving us lessons in love, Paulo?

I appreciate some of his books but this one is really confusing. That is, unless you are totally confused already, then this book is made for you.

So why do I write this blog?

Just think:

  • It was the best seller in English books.
  • It tries to lecture us on love, desire, sex, orgasms, infidelity, marring a man without knowing what is your mission in the marriage, etc etc,.

I had to ask my Touching Stone, "Am I not in reality with our present world because I disagree with this book?"

"Are people going back to the Stone Age, by following destructive principals?"

What do you think?


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