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New Year’s Resolution

It is never too late to start or renew a New Year's resolution. In order to plan a new resolution for the new year, it  is best to look at the past one and see what you were doing.  If you are ambitious like me, then you will also go back several years to get a more clear set of events. I did…and I found out a very interesting thing.

Remember when you ask people who speak of their dreams to say, “How soon  will you put action behind you?” Their answer most likely would be, “I am not ready.”
Why are you not ready?
Is it because you like to have everything in perfect harmony before you can start?
Do you need the perfect studio before you can start painting?
Or, the perfect computer to write your book?
Or, the perfect shop before you can build your car?
Or, the perfect dress and make-up before you go hunting for your Soulmate?
Or, maybe is to put your body and weight in proper shape?

I can tell you this–Ford, Microsoft, and Amazon.Com started in a garage and so did many other inventors. So it is not about having the right tools at the start. What is the most important is to concentrate on your dream and begin after it as soon as possible, like…right now….today.

As you move into action and have proper expectations set in place, you will improve your goal little by little every day.

That improvement will feed your belief  and very soon after your baby will be conceived.

It happened to me.  I started writing without the knowledge of editing or formatting, thinking my ideas needed more clarity, but as the time went on I learned along the way some of the trimmings to make my message more attractive but……
The message is basically the same as I had in my mind years ago, now with the practice of my actions, my dream is a reality that grows bigger and bigger every day.


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