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My Publicist Told Me

I met with my publicist this evening to discuss marketing strategy. We all agreed that I have to focus on my brand and nothing else, that is to say I have to keep talking about love and romance and the reasons for it. I have to cool off on the philosophy of life since this subject is too boring for many folks.
As we were talking she mentioned something which was a surprise to me. She said, “Vincent, there are a great number of women who don’t believe in love.”
How could that be? I thought. God made woman out of love for man, the greatest of his creations. Woman has the love for the children, the love for the family, and the love for their nest…etc. How is it possible many woman do not believe in love?

I know my publicist meant well telling me her findings (she had researched this) and I believed her, but my brain was in conflict between what I believe woman’s greatest mission is in life and the findings of my publicist.

And, as I mentioned in the past on a similar occasion, when we confront the problem with the proper questions then our mind will find the right answers.

That was exactly what happened. The answer was…
Women believe in love but they are fragile to receive it. If, instead of love, they have received emotional pain in their past, then they will close their emotions so completely that they will truly think they do not believe in love.
This conclusion tells me how important is that I spread my message all over the world to bring romance and happiness to women’s lives.

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