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Letter to My Readers

Dear Friends,
Let me first say this. Thank you for your appreciation that I see in your comments as you read my blogs and poems.  It is a pleasure to read how you describe my writings and the emotions that you attach to them.

It all started one happy day, as Victoria and I were commenting on how fortunate we were to have found each other. It was her idea which took form as she commented, “Why don’t you write books on the subject of love Vincent.” I more skeptically responded, “People have a mind of their own and do not like to be told what to do.”

“Yes, but you do not have to tell them what to do, you simply put the knowledge there and let the ones that are ready to have a wonderful life benefit from your knowledge.”

I was suspicious as to how the benefit of my understanding of human nature would be taken by others, or how would they reciprocate towards me. This is a subject that goes to the roots of our own personality and that is very difficult to change. Therefore, rejection (I thought) would be the obvious outcome.

Again, it was Victoria who put clarity to my dilemma by saying,“You won’t be able to change people, but your knowledge will be to most folk like a light in their obscure road, to help them get the direction to pursue their dreams, the same as you when you read all the difficulties that Columbus had to go through to reach his dream of discovering America. Or your own hero, Thomas Edison, who went through his difficulty of inventing the light bulb. It was those heroes who illuminated your road, am I right?”

Yes, It was Victoria’s influence and inspiration which put this project into motion.

That is why I keep repeating myself on the importance of finding you Soulmate.

We individually are truly only half of the unit, but with the right partner, the sky is the limit.

Now, after reading your comments I feel connected to life and to this big club we all know as The Human Race. Please be selfish–my version of selfish–and continue to share with me your likes and dislikes about the content that abounds here. Our dialogue is like food sent from Heaven, to feed me and inspire me to bring you more of this melody.


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