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How to Meet with the Same Kind

It is very important to realize the most difficult thought in social media is to find people of same kind. Now we have the right tools (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, emails, etc.) But how do we evaluate people, properly, to be our friends without disappointing us in future days?
You may have many friends on your friend list, but there is no emotional response from you as you communicate with them. In other words, most of your friends list is there because the winds brought them to your shores. But, do you have similar interests? Or like similar subjects? Movies, plays, etc?
Like in everything on Earth, there are solutions to every problem. In my view, the biggest problem we face today in social media is to be able to find people and friends of the same kind. They are all over and also looking for you. They may have seen but not identified with you either. The reason is because they have not seen anything in common. You are meant for each other at whatever level you chose to be, but you did not find commonality and; therefore, you crossed paths without noticing each other.
On top of that you may say, “It is not fair!”  Yes, it is fair. We all have what we deserve to have; it is an exact principal which we should accept as gospel. So, how do we meet with same kind? It is through the day of our birth. It was the event which defined you as you came to this world. All the answers are there, but it requires work and research to get us to see, clearly, the path of our lives. Without work, the knowledge does not stick.

I help you to find your own kind in my book, “Find Your Soulmate Through Astrology”, in the section that talks about the “Formula”. In there it says among other thing, ‘people of their own group get along better than with people of other groups, so it you are an Earth sign you will get along better with an Earth sign than with a Fire sign and….’

Go ahead, bring action to your dilemmas and solutions will come your way.

Good luck.


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