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Christopher Hitchens

A brilliant writer and pioneer in English literature, Christopher Hitchens often impressed me with his debates on theology. I compared him in his beliefs for truth and reason to another writer three decades earlier, Ayn Rand. They both believe in the individual and the power of reason. Their message was perhaps too abrasive to bring clarity to the reader in such important and deep philosophy.
I salute these two masters on their achievements, Ayn from Russia who later became an American citizen, and Christopher Hitchens, born British, who also became an American citizen.

This is another example at how this land attracts brilliant minds to its shores, and how our culture has the ingredients to make greatness flourish.

I have not always conformed with Christopher. In his argument on religion I respected his views that God was not proven to be real, and that evolution was the only answer viable in his mind. Still, the need that most folks have for connecting with their Maker through religion was not addressed or answered properly by Christopher, or by Ayn Rand for that matter.

Yes, these two were giants that contributed greatly to our humanity, by sharing with us their philosophical views on what makes our mankind excel and prosper. We all should bask in the sun of their knowledge and strive to carry the ball that they so brilliantly created.

I, for one, will attempt to comprehend more clearly the message that Christopher so passionately dedicated his life…to help us all understand.


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