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Christopher Hitchens’ Opponents

Just as soon as I posted the blog admiring Christopher Hitchens, I started getting responses from his opponents. They said, “He is bright but not brilliant. He is a liberal that got lost in his philosophy. He assumed to win an argument when in reality he didn’t prove anything. He didn’t even believe in God…etc, etc.”

So what? I say to all those opponents. Who among us is perfect? Who among us can please everyone all the time?
I mention all these as an example to demonstrate the importance of "The Umbrella." When you have your umbrella operating properly, you should not be concerned about the negativity of other people that may affect you.

The negative, as I said before, should go through you and not stick to your mind.
Let me repeat again what "The Umbrella" is. You can’t avoid negative influence reaching your mind, but you can chose to listen to or ignore it. The habit of choosing to ignore negative material is what I call The Umbrella. It is like a screen which lets the bad, non-profitable, non-important, etc. go by, and allows the good, interested, important, etc. to stay and empower you.

So, for all the opponents of Christopher, I say get your Umbrella working. Everybody has some good that they share with the world; it is up to us to look at the good  and ignore the bad. Christopher had a lot that interested me even if not all his material was of my interest. One thing that I respected about him was his passion for his beliefs.

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