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Women and Love

Women are the creators of love. I am a man that has been studying this subject for many years and I repeat, “My woman is the creator of my love and her love.”

The facts are:

  • I am a hunter and my mind is on hunting.
  • As a hunter, I care that my own are well care and strong.
  • As a man, I considered in my younger years that love was a woman’s duty.
  • As a man, love did not take priority in my past. Yes sex was the attracting point for me, same as many other men.

Ladies, some of you have been married and divorced and now you are afraid of men. This is the result of having had your emotions bruised.

This event has happens to everybody. Being bruised emotionally is part of life!

The key here is to have the right knowledge to find the right man. He is there for you. “It is you who has to hunt him to hunt you.”

To help future relationships I have developed a Formula in my book Find Your Soul-Mate Through Astrology.

Ladies you are the messengers of love; it is in your bodies, it is in your instincts, it is in your beauty, it is in your kindness.

It is your duty to find your man and work at empowering him.

With the right man;

  • The relationship is for life.
  • The relationship is easy and not hard.
  • The love flows as it is meant to flow.
  • Your life will take a much different and wonderful meaning.

Please get out of your rut and take action.

My wife’s only complaint is, “I love you too much.”


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