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The Umbrella


On the road to find that wonderful man of your dreams you have to be well prepared.

By now you are convinced this man exists. This is very important. Without this belief, you are just wasting your time.

This mission is too important for you to take lightly. Too many forces are going to try to influence you to give up your search. But please do not freak out over this.

You are going to have a lot of fun when you realize how much confusion is in the world on this subject, and you are empowered with the knowledge to bring positive results to your own life.

Your goal is this man who is in your mind. As you communicate this thought to friends and family (yes, you will), they are going to try to discourage you from pursuing your goals.

They will give you a thousand reasons why you should keep away from your goals. The truth is that they, too, crave for happiness.

The  reason that you are trying to get your man, and they are not, drives them to invent all sort of conclusions as to why you should keep away from making your dreams a reality.  

Your happiness makes others uncomfortable.

Why does trying to make your dreams true make other people unhappy?  

Why should they bother with your life? You may ask.  

People will try by any means possible to stop you from achieving happiness because they are unhappy themselves.  

Deep down they seek the same thing as you.  

They probably looked for happiness in the past and did not find it.  The difference here is that you are trying to find your happiness now, and they gave up in their quest some time ago.     

As you find your happiness, you will prove to them that it is possible; they stopped too soon in their own quests.  

They will evaluate your success as a measure of their failure (which it is not), and in the process they may hurt you emotionally, even if they are your parents and/or people who love you.

This is how the mechanism of the mind works. Once you learn to understand it, you will have created the umbrella that protects you from listening to the confusion that some people have in their brains.  

As a wise man once said, “There is no evil. Evil does not exist! It is the good that is being tortured by its own hunger and thirst. That is the problem.”  

People may say things like “What are people going to say if they find out you failed?”  

“What if he drops you for another woman?”

“Why should you take a risk when you have such a good life?”

All those statements assume we are gambling on your project. Assume that you are not sure about the results.

All those assumptions are wrong!

This is why:

  • You have in your possession knowledge which brings positive results to your life.
  • You believe in God and know we were created for a reason.
  • You know women were created to interact with men.
  • You know man and woman are two halves of a singular unit.
  • You know life is wonderful when you connect to the other half of your own unit, your Soulmate.
  • You know this man roams in the vicinity of your path.
  • Now Vincent is giving you exercises on how to identify this person.

The umbrella is your belief in the importance of a positive mind. The umbrella protects you from the rain of negative bombardment that you are exposed to every single day.

It is very simple. “If the stuff that comes your way does not match with your plans, then it does not stick to you.”
So, why listen to people who are single when you talk to them about finding your soulmate?

The simple fact that they are single is an indication that they do not have the right knowledge to share with you.

This should be your answer to them, “Since you do not have in your life the kind of happiness that I am looking for, what qualifies you to give me advice?”

Or, “Just because you were not able to find this kind of happiness, doesn’t prove the lack of its existence. It only proves that you were not able to find it.”

The umbrella is a very important tool to finding your soulmate. The umbrella only allows material pertaining to your goal to go through; the other stuff is bounced back into the world.

As good material penetrates your defenses, your vision gets clearer and, as your vision gets clearer, your umbrella responds more effectively.

Yes, it is a lonely life at first as you clear all those who badly influence you; but the world is very big and has many folks in it.

Your next move is to collect people who also want to make their lives heaven on Earth instead of the ones who have given up on happiness.

Points to remember:

  • Life is not a destination; life is “the journey.”
  • Our destination is on-going, continuously changing shapes, transcending space and time.
  • Our mission is “to bring our greatness to the surface.”
  • Our Soulmate carries the other half of our soul.
  • Our Maker did not make a mistake creating us.
  • We are here for a reason.





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