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Rejection is an illusion created by the weakness of the writer or author, and that weakness is there because the expectations are too high…and expectations are too high because you chose to be ignorant or too lazy, and you do not tap into the knowledge that has been accumulated through the ages, or the knowledge which you already possess in your mind.

Take this example for instance; when Thomas Edison was inventing the light bulb he was asked, “After fifteen-hundred and thirty-two tries getting negative results, don’t you think it is time to quit? How many rejections do you have to get in order to give up in your quest, Mr. Edison?”

Winners do not acknowledge rejection. To them, this is an exercise in the road to their goals….in their road to their greatness. They also do not care much of the opinion of others; instead, they use their energy focusing on the project at hand.

In contrast, there are many people who do not care to reason the results of their actions; consequently, allowing their egos to take charge of their brains and seeing ghosts all over the place.

Our egos rule our emotions. This is good because the emotions are the motivators that start putting action to our dreams, but the ego has to sublet authority to the reasoning, to bring the proper action into play.


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