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Let Us Have Purpose–Again

Let there be purpose in your life and friendship with your Soul.

And as you find your Soulmate, she is going to come to you covered in dust and quite different than the picture you have of her. She may be among the women you are socializing with at present or as a new acquaintance as you expand your horizons. Your job is to identify her.

And how are you to do that? Answer: “Your love must seek the disclosure of its own mystery.” Remember?

You may find her through a meeting or through the internet on one of those singles sites. However, I encourage the two of you to go through boot camp first. Boot camp is the period of corresponding instead of meeting in person.

This you will accomplish though romantic letters between the two of you.  And, because you are anonymous doing that, you can be bold bordering on impertinence. This boldness comes from your dark side and your job (again) is to keep it civilized. But it has to be bold enough to trigger her spirit in order to see the colors of her banners. This is the best and fastest way to screen your candidates.

Sex should not be at the beginning, as so many fools so incline are to pursue. No, sex should be at the end.  At the end of your correspondence period. That is to say, at least twenty emails from you to her, and vice versa. By then you have explored each other and know that she is "The One."

Have you realized how important this woman is for you?

Do you care to find her?

Have you done anything about it?

Do you have the purpose to try?

Yes, let us have purpose to awaken our dreams again and reach for the meaning of life, happiness, joy, and a wonderful future.

Let me know your purpose so I will not speak on deaf ears. And please, keep these blogs on a file for your remembrance as they feed into one another to continue with the message.


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