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Lady Gaga is Upset

Lady Gaga is upset because she is trying to find true love and she can’t find her mate.
All she finds are guys who want her fame and glory
But have not the melody to match her intensive need.

Please, Lady Gaga, do not get upset. It may disturb your talents if you have a fit.
We need your beauty and your grace to compensate
Our lives from this crazy pace.
Instead, do like I did. Look to the Internet to satisfy your need.
I looked for my maiden and found her. I certainly did!

This is a place where nobody knows you,
And you can find the banners that you always knew.  
My maiden had some dust, same as I did,
But through our correspondence we polished each other. Yes indeed.

I carried my banners and my Soulmate carried hers too,
As we saw the colors we knew how to pursue.
It is all in the dialogue that we have with each other;
That is the first step and we should not avoid it.

The second step is also in the writing. Your Soulmate has to know how to romance,
Way before you physically meet in order to have a greater dance.

He has to enchant you with silly things he says.
He has to have the ability to make you laugh each and every day.
This guy is out there and you probably crossed paths;
But you can’t find him because you don’t know your math.

With the emotions, is not about your fame or how much money you like.
It is about the enchantment and how perfectly the two of you rhyme.
But, there is also a formula that yours truly has found.
It indicates to you where, more or less, this guy will be found.

It is about when we were born, the day of our birth.
It is about the moment when God gave us this wonderful gift.
So, I give you no more clues at this time just to say,
“It is wonderful with your Soulmate.
And life is heaven when the two of you perfectly shine.”

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