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Do Soulmates Exist?

Ask yourself, “Do you exist?” If the answer is “yes,” then soulmates indeed exist.

And what is a Soulmate?

God made the Heavens and created man and woman with a progressive intelligence. Then, God took a particle of himself, split it in half and gave one half to man and the other half to woman.

That is what soulmates are–two halves of a whole unit, two halves of the same particle. Yes, the souls are particles of God. That is why our souls go back to Heaven when we die.

I found my other half after looking for her throughout two continents and four countries. The journey to find my soulmate took me forty-four years, across thousands of miles, and through one failed marriage. But my quest was all worth it.

Living with your “other half” makes life like heaven on earth. I am not in any hurry to die. On the contrary, I wish to live for thousands of years with my soulmate. It is that good.

People who don’t believe soulmates exist are ignorant to this knowledge and therefore not matched to the right partner. The lives of most of these people is bearable at best, and that is a very painful way to live. (There are always some that do it right without knowing how they did it.)

Life is meant to be happy; but work has to take place to allow this to happen. Yes work, but work that brings us the desire results. So, let us work at finding our soulmate, to make our lives to comply with our best wishes. Yes, we have to look for our soulmate. How otherwise are we going to find him/her?

I tell you this person exists for you because I found mine nine years ago. (Sorry I was so slow passing this knowledge; I thought you did not care.) Life has been very happy for us during our time together. And, like all good things in life our love has been growing through the years and breaking our records of happiness.

Pain and sorrow exists. Then, happiness and wonderful love also exists.
Go ahead, take action and make it happen. It is that simple.


Author of Find Your Soulmate Through Astrology
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