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Awakening a Giant

My Soulmate and I were traveling along the road when all of a sudden she spotted a giant nearby. She said, “Vincent, look what I found.”

As we approached the giant, we realized he was asleep. “Well, he is asleep. What good is that for us?” I asked.
Victoria, more optimistic, said, “I think I can awaken him so he can give us some of his goodies.”

My Soulmate took a branch from a tree and poked the giant in the ribs, but it did not bring any results. Next, she put some leaves on his nose hoping to make him sneeze, but it had no effect as well. Then Victoria asked me, “Do you think if I jump on his stomach, he will mind?”

I answered, “Go ahead. What harm can you do? He is asleep anyway! Being asleep without knowing when to wake up is like being dead. You may hurt him some, but if you manage to awaken him you will be doing him a great favor.”
Victoria started jumping on the giant, but the big one kept at his sleep.

Then a thought came to my mind. “Maybe this giant needs a reason to be awake?”

Victoria and I discussed my thought and, after a while, we came up with a plan. We took some branches and opened his eyes lids while Victoria and I stood on his chess and started kissing.

He was asleep but the branches had his eyes open. After a short while his mind registered the beauty of man and woman in love. This started to put his wheels in motion. It took no time for the Giant to be completely awake. Then he started to bombard us with questions.

“How come you are so much in love?” asked the giant. “How did that happen? Where did you find each other? How where you able to identify yourselves? Why do you not argue? How do I find a woman to compliment myself like you two? Is it possible for me to find love like the one you have? How far do I have to fly to find her? What do I…”

“Wait a minute,” I said interrupting him. “Can you fly?”

“Ho, yes!" He responded, “Now that you brought me fully awake, I am in command of my faculties and can fly you to any place you want.”

“Great, we will teach you how to find your soulmate.” I replied. “And in exchange you can fly us around the world. Is this a good deal for you?”

The giant was pleased. He took us all over the world so we were able to teach people in different lands how they too could find their soulmates. As we were traveling, the giant told us how he ended up being asleep.

He told us that he had been looking for his mate but was not able to find her. He looked and looked, finding only women who held no attraction for him. Since he could not find the one that was able to keep him awake, determining she did not exist, he decided it was best to be sleeping.

Now, with our knowledge and seeing we were truly soulmates, the giant was confident he would find his one-and-only who would keep him awake and help him fly to higher horizons.

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