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“The Sin”


Almost every religion in the world has ‘The Sin’ in one way or another integrated in their teachings.

As far as I can comprehend, this Sin was originated when the first man and the first woman, "Adam and Eve," disobeyed God by eating the fruit of the forbidden tree.

It doesn’t make sense that two people millions of years ago did something wrong, and now because we are their descendants (millions of years after) we have to be responsible for what they did.

It also doesn’t make any sense that God would create a tree and then forbid Adam and Eve from eating from it.

Why would God create the tree in the first place?

Was it an apple tree?

Should we be afraid to eat apples today because God will punish us in one way or another?

Some people may answer; “God created the tree to test Adam’s and Eve’s obedience.”  Yes, it makes some sense the above answer, but why not to test their obedience by saying for instance, “The two of you are humans. You will have from time to time the inclination to make love to each other. It is good for you to do so since you have to reproduce yourselves; however, I am your Creator and forbid you from interacting in sexual activity with any of the other species that abound in this Garden of Eden; they are not human, they are animals and they are allowed also to interact sexually with their own species only.  If you disobey me, I will through you out of this wonderful place and your life will be harsh and difficult to live.”  

Now, God forbidding Adam and Eve from interacting sexually with animals makes more sense, because the genetic makeup of animals is different than our own, and that practice could result in horrible monsters being born.  

I think the Sin in religions today is the leash that ties us down to the sacrificial post. In my opinion, this Sin is like drugs in the medical industry; it is going to keep you addicted to it and you are nothing but a slave of those that you depend on. I am a human being with a free will and I do not believe in false philosophies which conflict with the reality of today.

To believe in faith alone about events that happened thousands of years ago is so immature that it borders on stupidity, we would be better believing in stories and events that are supported by the reality of Nature today. 

Yes, I believe Nature is the path to our God and Creator. Nature gives us direction by means of hard work and decision making. That is why you have to concentrate on your own Nature and the Nature of your special mate. There are the answers to put balance to your own life.

Without this balance, your life finds conflict at every turn of your road, and confusion will pave your present and future days. God be praised for showing us the way to his/her Kingdom through Nature.

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