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The Rose in My Road

I was walking on my road without fixed direction when suddenly I saw a flower near me. I came closer to inspect her and to smell her perfume, she being true to her nature gave me of her fragrance; I didn't know very well to give her deserved importance or how to treat her and I tried to caress her.   

My caresses had good intention, but I forgot to keep in mind the delicacy of that flower. She was a rose displaying her magic and grace to the Universe.

The results were poor as it happens often to us men in this subject.  

We try to do well without knowing that women are not men; the result is usually insensitivity and without the melody that the flowers need; they are delicate because their nature needs to expose the beauty of their existence to give its aroma to the wind, the wind is the best friend and partner of flowers, caressing them smoothly without showing its presence.   

Beautiful flower, I want to be the wind that caresses your beauty, breathe your perfumes, and adores you in my silence.  

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