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Religion is good…but…?

Religion is a way of life not only in our civilized world, but it has been for thousands of years the main driving force of many past cultures.

Religion has done well in past generations, giving hope in critical situations and also as a tonic in difficult moments in people’s life.

Religion was also responsible for atrocities to the human race many times in the past by totalitarians and evil people.  

All in all religion is a human creation that has taken place as a result of the need we all have to connect with our Maker in one way or another.

Nowadays we seem to have religion on a path to better our culture and civilization in general. Nevertheless it seems to most folks religion is getting behind our need for more understanding.

I say religion is good…but…I need more than what my spiritual teachers have been telling me since my kindergarten years. I need more understanding, like;

  • Why was I born?
  • What is my mission in life?
  • Why was I born in the place of my birth?
  • Why to my own parents?
  • Why to my own city and country?
  • How can I get my questions answered?
  • Is our Soul a particle of God?
  • Is the Soul connected to the Universal Intelligence?
  • Can we tap into that knowledge?
  • How do we reach greatness?
  • Why is happiness an elusive mistress?
  • Since in our species there are male and female, is it possible my Soul is connected to my mate in a very special way?
  • Is there a way to find my right Mate?
  • Since I was born, is there a mission for me to accomplish?

I wish Jesus had given me a message to some of these questions!
I am more confused than ever in this subject.
I hope some of you can bring clarity to this reality.


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