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One Boomer’s Opinion


I was on a plane flying from city to city with my wife. The plane was full and we couldn’t sit together, so I ended up sitting beside a nice man in his sixties traveling by himself. He was an author like myself, and also an extrovert. My mission at every opportunity I get is to ask questions to other folks, especially astrological questions. In that case, I asked him his sun sign and also his wife’s. His sign was Scorpio and his wife’s was Aries. He then followed to say, “We have been married for forty two years.”

I can only guess that by indicating the length of his marriage, he was boasting to me how well connected he was with his wife. This was strange to me, because according to my Soul Mate Formula, Scorpio man and Aries woman do not even fit under the six preferred signs. And since the subject of  relationships is so extensive, I only indicated the six preferred signs in my Formula.

Scorpio man and Aries woman are the ninth choice. That was the reason why I questioned in my mind if this ‘Boomer’ had a happy marriage, all the time, for forty two years. After our flight ended and as we were waiting for transportation I approached the subject again and said, “Tom, hs your marriage always been happy through all those years?”

He looked at me for a few seconds, (I could see in his face I had asked an impertinent question) he did not answered me in words, instead he decided to communicate through body language and made a motion with his leg, like if he was kicking a ball. I understood that to mean there had been episodes in Tom’s marriage when the two of them hated each other and he wished he would have kicked his wife out of his life.

Since Victoria has been teaching me to be kinder to folks, I did not boast after Tom’s acknowledgement of unhappy times in his marriage. Instead I said, “I guess life has its good and bad moments Tom.”

Tom was satisfied by my answer and I also sensed in him appreciation towards me for being kind, since I had told him earlier that Soul-Mates do not have those ugly moments, ever.

In conclusion, I’d like to say that many boomers are satisfied with their marriages and they think it is normal to have rough times along the road, but the reason for this is because they have no experience with how life feels with the Soul-Mate. It is like thinking that living in a tent is normal, versus to live in a mansion with all the facilities and comfort that goes along with it.


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