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Let Us Have Purpose

Let there be purpose in your life and friendship with your Soul; your love surrounding it will expand, allowing communication with the infinite intelligence for your greatness to come to surface.

For love must seek the disclosure of its own mystery; that exercise is only profitable and rewarding with people of thew same kind, and most rewarding with your Soul-mate.  

After we realize of how important is to find our other half of ourselves, we will put on hold the idea to get rich or famous or popular. Not that those are not nice goals to have, but getting our Soul-mate takes precedence. It is like having a vehicle with a good motor running, but missing the wheels to get this vehicle moving.

First things should come first; otherwise, conflict takes place and obscurity tampers with our vision. Once you get all your oars in the water, your boat will move at your desired speed. I have a formula to help you find your life's partner, with your effort and this tool you will get to your destiny. No doubt about it!


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