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Happy Holidays!

Christmas is near and family reunions are in our plans. This is the time when we start evaluating our past performance of this year. It is also time to plan for the new year ahead. It is in these days when we have to remind ourselves of the dreams and goals we had a year ago. This way, we will be able to evaluate what happened during the course of the year which obstructed bringing into reality some of the plans we had at that time.

Many of you know by now that one of my goals is to help others through my writings; to make people aware of the great potential we all have. I also indicate that potential lays dormant most of the time, when you are missing being connected to your One-and-Only…your Soul-Mate.

And to make it even more easy and helpful for you, I have developed a formula to put you in the vicinity of where your One-and-Only roams. Furthermore, after realizing you may be face to face with this person and not be able to identify him, I created a set of exercises (I call them steps) to help you identify this person who has the ability to bring your greatness to the surface.

I hope when you are going through the evaluation and the planning for the New Year, you are kind to yourself by introducing the knowledge of my writings near the top of your priorities. Remember,

  • We are here for a reason.
  • Passion duels in our bodies for a reason.
  • Happiness and laughter exists in us humans for a reason.
  • Our need to fuse with our Soul-Mate is in us for a reason.

Have a happy Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year!

Vincent Sylvan

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