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Do We Have the Right Partner?

Do we have the right partner in the emotional department? And how important is that?
I think this subject is the root of the true happiness for everyone. We have to build the foundation before we can build the building on top. A good foundation will hold a building many stories high.
Don’t you agree?

How damaging is to have the wrong partner in the emotional department?
Can you really evaluate how much more you can be with the right emotional partner by your side?
Can we really know how to find this special person?

Do you know about the magic of connecting to the right partner in the emotional department?
Do you know we make mistakes because we are out of balance emotionally?
Are you aware we are ruled mostly by our emotions?
Do you know how to balance your reason with your emotions?
It is all well explained in the philosophy of my writings.
It is time to take the wheel on the vehicle of our lives and live a life as we are meant to live…happy, enthusiastic, with passion…and real love.
It takes a certain small steps in the right direction for you to find each other…and then… as by magic life takes another dimension, which makes us truly believe there is a God who created us.   
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