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The other day I was asking a young man for his astrological sign. He did not know what I was talking about.
I proceeded to explain to him the importance of knowing what took place in the day of his birth, such things like;

  • An astrological sign was assigned to him.
  • With his sign and my Formula, he will be able to find the right woman for himself.
  • This knowledge will help him tremendously. His chances of getting divorced by choosing the wrong woman for him will diminish greatly.
  • By not getting divorce he will save alimony by thousands of dollars.
  • His kids will have a father full-time, and they will be much happier.
  • Since his kids will be happier they will not have a need to get into drugs.
  • Since the kids will not become drug addicts, they will not end up in jail.
  • His wife will be much happier too; therefore, she will not have a need to get additional happiness by buying material things to compensate for unfulfilled emotions, saving enormous amounts of money.
  • Since the couple is saving so much money, they can take additional vacations which will add more happiness to their lives.
  • Since the amount of happiness is reaching very high levels, his mind and her mind will come up with great ideas and these ideas will bring them more money and more happiness.
  • Etc., etc., etc.

In other words, For every action there is a reaction which compounds on the direction of the original action.

This means;

  • If you are unhappy – you end up depending on drugs in one form or another.
  • If you are happy – your mind will function better and ultimately you will find ways to live a happier life.

So, young folks, my message to you is to obtain knowledge about yourselves for the purpose of maximizing your potential and avoiding costly mistakes which will tamper the happiness in your present and future.


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