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Your Birth

Once upon a time a baby was born. This baby was you! You were born in a particular place, to your own parents, in a particular day, month and year. There was a reason for that event. Don’t you think so?
As we analyze this event, we discovered this baby was very special. You had a set of fingerprints like no other baby in the whole world on that day, or in previous days, or in the years after that. Same thing with the tone of voice of the baby, or your emotions. As you grew older, you began to dream about having things or dreaming about having love from your parents and relatives. There was also your own particular taste; certain food you liked and other food you disliked.  

As we study the way we humans are, we discover similarities with others who have been born around the same date as we were born, even if the year is different.

So we may ask;
Why was I born on this particular date?
Why was I born to my own parents and not to another couple?
Why was I born in that particular place, and not in a jungle away from civilization?

These are questions that many people won’t bother to think about it.
But if we ask for what purpose was I born?,

Then…all the previous questions seem to take life.
Then…we seem to begin to think with purpose.
Then…we will start to get empowered with charting our destiny.

After this, other questions will pop up like corn in the oven, and we may think;

“I guess if I was born for a purpose or purposes, then I better find out what is my mission.” Or,
“Since I am unique and there is no one like me in the entire world, I better create something unique to be remembered by future generations.”

You have an obligation to leave your footprints behind.
You must be remembered!

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