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When Soul Mates Join

The Soul Mate. What happens when you join with him or her? It is so fantastic that I do not know where to start. Let me give you an example;
I found my lady at an age when most people are already dead. I mean physically dead. That was after my 55th birthday. We got married and life was great. She kept on telling me how much she loved me. Well, every newlywed gets that, right?

So, I appreciated and enveloped the love that her words carried and I felt good…really good! Obviously, she was getting something from me because she kept singing that tune! (No she is not dumb by any form of measurement.)

I felt good, right?
So why stop it?

She kept on singing the tune, “I love you, I love you so much, I love you, and you treat me so well. I love you much more today. I love you and you are so great!”

She kept singing, “I love you darling; you make me see the way when we are together it is my best time of the day.” On and on she kept going like this for months!

I did not mind, because that tune made me feel important. Mi ego was well taken care off. But the word “Love” was like a pioneer making a new trail into the prairie of my subconscious mind, and the word “Great” was the Lord of the realm following the trail of “Love” coming into the vast spaces of my mind and claiming its domain.

So what do you think that happened to me? Yes, you guess it! The silk worm turned into a butterfly. I thought that life could not get any better, but I was wrong again. My better half kept on singing her tune…and I guess that she was getting some melody from me, because now her tune had the help of some musical instruments, which were empowering the word “Love” to make a wider trail to allow “Great” to boldly claim more of the vast space of my mind.   

Anyway, to make this long story short, “Greatness” is claiming its domain. My mind is developing to unbelievable dimensions, but “humble” is my second  name and that is why I share with you the mechanism to bring the real you to the surface to make you proud of being alive!                      
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