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The Soul Mate (Real or Fairy Tale?)


The “Soul Mate” is a subject many people talk about without much faith.

The reality is this subject has become a fairy tale due to the fact that to find this person who will complement you, and make your life happier than by you alone, seems to be an impossible task.

We were born and some day we must die!
It is only fair that I try to be as happy as I can, and play with my mate in this episode of my life.

But my mind has unbounded my emotions with no restrictions, awakening this ancient hunger, futile is to resist; I have to attend to it…properly I must feed it! 

New relations I have to encounter, since present ones do not last.

No longer will mentally sane people hold any hope to find this perfect companion, for a lifelong term contract and commitment, their minds gave up in this quest, and the divorce rate shows he/she does not exist…

Now it is only a fairy tale!

Yes, a fairy tale.  

Sweet and loving, but a fairy tale nonetheless. 

We may ask:
Why is it we dream such kind of dreams?
Why is it we wish for this wonderful person to appear in our lives?
Why can’t I be totally convinced he/she is non-existent…and get this intrepid thought of my mind?
Why do I endure the wish of having him/her in my arms?

Is there a force which pushes me this way?
Do I have other intelligence about me (other than my brain)?
Is my Soul speaking to me beyond the reasoning of conventional wisdom?
Does my Soul know what is beyond the frontiers of my understanding?

And…. If I am to believe this impossible task of finding that my Soul Mate is possible, and the task for our encounter is doable, then I will have to chart a new direction: a new road map, a new way of thinking.

Conventional maps are no longer needed since they have not worked for me!
New maps I need… but, where to find them?

I will Google my need. There must be some new information there, and what questions should I ask?
How to find my right companion?
A map to find my Mate?
Love that does not disappear, gets stale or out of date?
How to endure each other for many years?
How to live with each other without shedding any tears?
Strategies to get a date?
How to find my Soul Mate?

Yes, yes… this is all very well, I am sure my Google search will uncover many pages of information.
It also will point out to many books to read…. But, where to concentrate my time?
How to be certain my walking towards my findings is at least the right direction?
My rainbow might be in the northbound way, and I could be taken to walk southbound and not get any closer to my goal.

There has to be a message out there from Heaven to point me the way.
My mind seeks this magical person, and although my brain tries to discourage me of his/her non-existence…my Soul persists…on and on in its believes…
I definitely must need more information…more assistance.
But where?

The epidemic of “Divorce” is covering the Earth; the side effects are devastating in the aftermath.
I have to find the answer!
Discover this great secret, I must!

My mind travels fast in this dire and critical hour; at warp speed I am processing my thoughts. 
Ho! God almighty be merciful and point the way. I only like to do my best!
Just give me a fainted hint, some little indication… and I promise to do the rest.

I was born to excel!
This I know because my parents told me so. I was not certain in the past, now I know it to be a good goal…a duty which we all must.

Mother told of the day of my birth, how the doctor was away and father could not find him. The mid-wife had to intervene and thanks to Heaven mother and I were not harmed. It must be important for us to be born in that particular day, and the circumstances of the event impact us in many ways.

It must be important to be born in that particular day, for whatever reason which escapes our understanding.
It must be important to be born in that particular day, for our Souls were sent from Heaven to make us human, lovers and creators of better life and ways.

It must be important, our birthday!
The whole world celebrates birthdays, but do we really know how important this day is?
The science which studies birthdays has been discredited greatly because there is much written on it which is mundane and wrong.  But, also, there is there information which gives us clues as to who we are.

Conventional religion discredits Astrology and, by doing so, they lose respect. Ignorance is never a warrior we should treasure, welcome, or protect. Let us open the doors to the unknown. It is not the occult.

Simply and logically, it is unknown. As we bring the light to it, we will discover everything it contains;
The good, the bad, the clever, the dumb, clarity, confusion, truth, lies….  
Just like in everything else in this world that we investigate, so it is with Astrology.

Therefore; “Take the best and leave the rest.”
The “Soulmate” has to exist!
There is perfection in the human mind and in the human body; therefore, it has to be perfection in the connection of man and woman as well.
For ages, the need existed to find this magical person. Most of us looked but did not find him/her.
New methods had to be devised, and the persistent pioneer searched greatly in this subject.  

Good news!
The "Soulmate" exists!
Not only does he/she exists, but there is a formula (I have revealed) which indicates exactly how to find this magical person. 

For more information, please continue following this blog and check out my book "How to Find Your Soulmate through Astrology." 


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