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The Most Important Thing

By now you know that the most important thing to do is to find your Soul-Mate as soon as possible. Of course, for couples that are engaged or married it is going to be difficult, because the space reserved for your Soul-Mate is now occupied by another person for which you probably feel some kind of love or affection. We could agree on saying that you feel in love, but you do not know how much or which percentage compared with the amount of love that your Soul-Mate may create in you.

Anyway, you are married and not to your Soul-Mate. Then you are stuck and you do not know what to do (which I can understand perfectly), so you will take the road of the least resistance. You will not deal with it; you will try to forget that there could be a Soul-Mate for you. That simple person who can turn your world into “Heaven on Earth.”

Yes, that is inevitable; when the mind can’t deal with it, then it blocks it. The room has been taken. Why wonder what could or couldn't be?

Ok, maybe it is your karma this time around, to not reach the top of the hill or the happiness that brings greatness to the most humble person.

But know this:

  • Soul-Mates do not argue–ever!
  • Soul-Mates understand each other as with magic.
  • Soul-Mates feed on each other as their natures blend in harmony.
  • Soul-mates develop their greatness with the influence of the other’s aura.

Now that you know what you are missing, are you going to be able to remain passive?




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