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The Analysis of Being Selfish

In the goal to get your soul-mate, there are three best qualities you need to have: be selfish, be selfish, be selfish.

This word has been distorted for generations to the point which all of you think it is bad to be selfish. Here is what Webster’s dictionary says about this word. “Devoted to or caring only for oneself; concerned primarily with one’s own interest, benefits, welfare, etc., regardless of others.”

This must have been written by someone who thinks going against Nature is very smart and proper. The whole statement contradicts itself! But it sounds so proper and altruistic…that is why people believe it to be true. It has a lie mixed with truth and that is why it infiltrates our defenses.

This is how I see this:

1. I was born alone and I will die alone; I am the one that has to
protect myself to be healthy emotionally, physically, mentally,
economically, spiritually, and sexually. Then it is ok to be selfish.

2. If my goal in life is to be happy, and happiness comes from being
with other people, then I have to be concerned about treating other
people fair. That is the contradiction with the statement of Webster.
We need people and we must treat the people of our choice fairly.

3. It is selfish to give to others (to the ones who deserve my
gifts) because their human nature will want to give back to me in
return, and because it pleases me to contribute to the human race
to which I belong.

4. My goal in life is to do the best of my abilities for the glory of
my Creator, and for my own pleasure; therefore, I have to protect
myself. I have to interact with others in order to prosper. I have to
be selfish!

5. I have to be selfish and strive to gain at all times; therefore, I
will not waste my time on people or situations which do not benefit me
in the present or in the future.

6. I believe in love, and love comes from being selfish. Nature is
selfish and works constantly to obtain its own balance.

Are you selfish when you breathe air without concern on your neighbor?

You bit!

Is it wrong to do this?

I don’t think so…

Yes, the world is not selfish enough!
Our believes have been distorted because of it!
Our integrity is weak because of it!
Our vision has been compromised because of it!
Our potential has been sabotaged because of it!
Our happiness is not attainable because of it!  On…and on….

Here is an example;

You have met a man and you are attracted to him. After a short time you realize there are some things in his personality which do not please you. Without evaluating properly, you decide to change his bad habits to please yourself. After sometime, his bad habits do not change and then you blame him for not changing.

Can the sun stop from shinning?
Can you change a dog from barking?
Will you not get wet if you jump in water with bare skin?
Can you change your man the way that he is?

If your answer to these four questions is NO, then you are getting to the root of the problem.

There is no sense fighting Nature!
You will not win!
You will get frustrated and unhappy in that battle.
We fight Nature because we do not respect it enough.

In doing so, we think we are more clever than our Creator and that
is why you can’t obtain the happiness that belongs to you.

Be selfish! Be selfish! Be selfish!…..
Greed is bad. Selfish is good!

Evaluate properly and get the results desired, every time and always! Here is a little story about selfishness:

Jim and Joe where walking in the fields when all of a sudden they
realized they were hungry. Joe spotted an apple tree and climbed on it
to gather some apples. All Joe could find were two apples;
one apple was bigger than the other, so Joe gave Jim the small apple and
he kept the big one.

Jim protested, calling Joe selfish and asking him why he kept the big apple and gave him the small one. Joe's response was, "What would you have done in my place Jim?"

Jim answered with altruistic conviction, "I would have given you the big one and I would have kept the small one."

Joe then replied, "That is what we have Jim. You have the small apple and I have the big one."

Joe added, "Your complaint does not make any sense Jim. Yes, I am selfish and I have shared with you my food. I did the work of climbing the tree and gave you my gift because you are a person who is my friend and I enjoy your company."

This explanation made Jim think and he, realizing the truth in Joe’s statement, replied, "I will climb the tree next time then, do the work, and keep the bigger apple for myself." 

Joe answered, "I will not complain when you give me the smaller apple Jim, instead, I will be very happy with your generosity for giving me food without me doing the work."

Yes, it is a gift when we receive things from others without us having done work for it. Remember to share your materials things and your talents, but only with people of same kind, of people who deserve you, and not with drug addicts, losers, or people whom have no respect for life.

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