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Why do we fail…in love?


Do we have the right partner in the emotional department? And how important is that?

I think this subject is the root of the true happiness for every one. We have to build the foundation before we can build the building on top. A good foundation will hold a building many stories high.

Don’t you agree?

How damaging is to have the wrong partner in the emotional department?

Can you really evaluate how much more you can be with the right emotional partner by you side?

Can we really know how to find this special person?

Don’t you think that you could take more knowledge in the subject?

But not everybody can understand romance. Most associate romance to sex and make of it a mundane experience. We are all romantics at heart and that is why we seek the emotion of love and the melody of its music. This is accomplished by appreciating the quality of a good poem, which is one that has meaning and purpose as well as rime. As you do so, the sensitivity of the poet will be rewarded and he will be inspired to write more.

The world has come to a point where, everybody is so clever that completely forgot what is most important in life. And since we do not follow the right principles, we go home empty and starving for love. When the starvation and thirst gets to be overbearing we drink on muddy waters and eat food from dark caves, the result is hurt, so we build barriers for protection. These barriers obstruct our vision and do not let the sunshine in. That is why we are so ignorant with all this knowledge that we have. Get your Soulmate and your life will improve ten fold.

Let there be purpose in your life and friendship with your Soul, your love surrounding it will expand, allowing communication with the infinite intelligence for your greatness to come to surface.

For love must seek the disclosure of its own mystery, that exercise is only profitable with people of same kind, and most rewarding with your Soulmate


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