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What is “Dust”?


Everybody knows what dust is, right? 

But do you know that your Soul-Mate is also called “The Duster”?

No, you probably did not know this.

No problem here; I am going to explain to you this very important information here and in future blogs.

The Dust is all the negative information every one of us receives, every minute that we are awake, by listening to any kind of information that is surrounding us all the time.

No matter what you receive, in any form, shape or color, you are going to receive it with negative connotation. This is going to cover your greatness and stop you from shining the way you should.

This Dust can not be avoided. It is part of life. The same as the weather is part of life. But, we can protect ourselves from this Dust in several ways;

(a) Get yourself a Duster.

(b) Protect yourself with an Umbrella.

(c) Refuse to search for happiness and close yourself to anybody and anything.

Of course the best answer is (a) and the Duster's name is “Your Soul-Mate.” Where is this person and how to find him or her is the subject of my book. If you are interested, please take action.

The second option (b) is to get an Umbrella. And what this Umbrella looks like is in another chapter of my book. Again, if you are interested, please take action.

The third option (c) is the most widely used nowadays; we tend to close our real feelings to other people (sure we are very interested in being politically correct). Although we seem to keep our sanity intact, it keeps eroding bit by bit every day.

How much dust can you endure before you go totally blind and your greatness gets buried by tons of this Dust depends, of course, on the strength of the individual. One thing is for sure–without protection of a Duster, your greatness will be buried deeper and deeper every day, and your chances of ever seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, or the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, or the happiness that makes you greater every day…will be forever gone.




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  1. Ethyl Asquith April 12, 2012 at 8:14 pm #

    Hey! You some form of expert? Nice message. Are you able to tell me tips on how to subscribe your weblog?

  2. Vincent Sylvan April 21, 2012 at 9:32 am #

    Thank you Ethyl for your comment but I do not know much on technology and my folks are too busy to discuss their knowledge in that subject.

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