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Romance Movies

I was watching a movie on romance this weekend with my wife. The male character was hopping from girlfriend to girlfriend pretending he would love each of them until the end of their lives. Of course the women were taking him seriously until, with a broken heart, they realized this guy was not serious and  he could not help his flirtatious, amorous habits.
The part that struck me the most is that this particular movie had won many awards. Since I believe awards should be given to stories that enhance and build on progress and human nature for the good of the welfare of humanity’s future, I can only reason that people who handed out the awards may be totally corrupted in their philosophy (or they had drug induced thinking at the time).
Please do not trust titles completely or think that movies with awards are necessarily good lessons for you. Use your own judgment and do not be afraid to discriminate against wrong philosophy. It is my goal to clarify what is good and bad for relationships and healthy loving emotions. We are all empowered by an enormous amount of curiosity; it is this curiosity which if not properly disciplined will bring us into a world of mischief. Remember the following:

  • One love at the time
  • Screening your candidates thoroughly
  • Major importance on protecting your emotional system
  • Be selfish* and true to yourself
  • Settle only with truth
  • Persevere until you get your Soul-mate, and beyond
These are a few of the banners which we all should wave to the world. This is how life gets to be better than we can ever have imagined. This is how we, Vincent and Victoria, are enjoying a neverending romance which gets healthier every day. This is all explained in detail in my book Find Your Soul Mate through Astrology.   You can do it! We did and are proud of it.
Vincent Sylvan Metaphysical Author and Speaker
*This does not mean being greedy. Remember that you are deserving and always treat yourself as such. Be selfish.
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