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Knowing Yourself


Yesterday I found out through the integrated net work of communication, that one of my fans thought I was getting more lively on my social integration with other folks. The occasion occurred as I was describing the trip to Northern Spain with I took with Victoria and our mother; I was lively telling about the pilgrims we meet on the “Compostela Trail” and how devoted they all were to try to find meaning to their lives. It was very interesting the conversation I had with this one particular pilgrim carrying his backpack and hiking boots in the central square of the city of Pamplona.  
This was a man in his late fifties from somewhere in Germany, (I thought most of the pilgrims would be from Spain, Italy, or Portugal since those are more religious countries), and his purpose was to find true meaning to his life in the course of this journey he was doing. He asked me, “Why don’t you take the trail too?”  
I answered, “I find meaning to my life every single day through my Soul Mate, Victoria.” I am not shy or timid, gloomy or quiet, so why did my fan think I had become more lively socially? The reason is because I am quiet when I can’t say anything nice about people. Am I then politically correct? I do not think so! I am silent and true to myself in those occasions harnessing the power of my truth, and they do not get my vote! (Yes, I do pick my battles.) 

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